P005 → Collaborative Works

Without Goodbyes (2024)
dir. by GeoVanna Gonzalez
filmed by Juan Luis Matos

Drawing inspiration from nontraditional memorial services, Without Goodbyes examines contemporary embalming practices in Puerto Rico, where the intersection of life, death, and the preservation of the physical body explores how cultures approach rituals around death, mourning, and the ontological implications of memorializing departed souls. Incorporating techniques of contact improvisation into its narrative, the film deconstructs the embodied experience through dance, using movement as a symbolic language to express the ephemeral nature of connections and the nuanced interplay between presence and absence in human relationships.

Hysteria (2023)
Institute of Queer Ecology
filmed by Juan Luis Matos

Hysteria is an original multichannel video installation by IQECO premiering at the Kestner Gesellschaft. In this installation, the institute uses image, movement, and sound to construct an ecofeminist retelling of the poorly understood “dancing plagues” that swept through Europe between the tenth and the seventeenth centuries. The afflicted dancers are subtly recast as pointedly subversive agents entangled in environmental contagion and contamination that drive these wild, manic uprisings.